29 Signs: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

The quest to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you have been on for decades, if not centuries. Men are not known for being open and forthcoming with their feelings. They are good at beating around the bushes and acting all tough. Letting their guard down is also not a gift that they are particularly known for.   

All these tough and guarded behavior gets magnified when they are around a woman they have taken a particular fancy to. There are only a few of the male populace who are unabashedly open with their romantic intentions. The rest will deign to suffer in silence until it is too late.   

However, there are a few things that guys do when they like a girl. It will not be as obvious as him talking passionately about a car or a bike, but they will drop hints all over the place.   

Here is a comprehensive post which covers how to tell if a guy likes you. After reading this post, you will be empowered and be able to tell if your male friend has actually been wanting to be more than friends.   

This is not just your average run off the mill post on the internet. This post contains information that is backed by science and research. You can bet your bottom dollar that this post is fool-proof and the best.   

How to Tell If A Guy Likes You: Body Language Signs

How to tell if a guy likes you

Now, on a typical day, every guy will make it a point to hide his true feelings. Maybe it is the way that they were brought up, maybe it is induced by the expectations of our society. Whatever it is, guys are trained not to be expressive with their emotions. 

However, there is only so much a guy can do to conceal what he feels inside. It all begins with his body language. His mind may be ironclad about how he feels, but his body does little to cooperate.  

Signs a guy is interested in you is often displayed through body language such as: 

He can’t seem to take his eyes off of you. 

Of course, it is natural to make eye contact with people during interactions. However, when a guy gazes at you and refuses to look away easily, not in a glaring or salacious way, you can tell something is on his mind.  

Making eye contact with you means he wants you to know he is genuinely interested in you. It is one of the most primal and effective ways to communicate with others. When he keeps his eye on you when you talk or interact, he is unconsciously keeping his eye on the target. 

A guy who is genuinely interested in you will typically look into your eyes and rarely look anywhere else on your body. He may occasionally shift his gaze to your lips, but he keeps his gaze steady on your eyes. 

A very interesting study called Vestibular and Cerebellar Contribution to Gaze Optimality(1) which was done in Germany detail the neuroscience behind the eyes on the target behavior.  

If you have a male in your life that can’t take his eyes off of you, you best believe that he likes you.  


1. He breaks into a wide smile whenever he sees you. 

Yes. This is the most common yet often the first signs he really likes you, Smiling displays that he means no harm and that he wants to get to know you more. Human connections are often established through a random smile on the train, at work, or at a park. 

If a guy smiles at you generously and without any reason, it is a clear sign that he likes being in your company as well. People don’t smile unless they are comfortable around others.  

Pamela C. Regan, in her book, The Mating Game: A Primer on Love, Sex, and Marriage, says that smiling is a universal method used by men to convey romantic interest. So, if you have a male friend or a co-worker who you’ve caught smiling at you very frequently, then you know that he likes you, a lot. 


2. He mirrors your actions. 

boy likes a girl 

Mirroring or imitating is also one of the clear signs a guy likes you. Humans instinctively imitate the actions of those they love and admire. Males are experts in masking whatever they might feel inside. So if a guy imitates your actions such as smiling, leaning back in your chair, and touching your hair, you can be sure that he is deeply interested in you. 

Scientists are of the opinion that neurons in our brains are responsible for this imitation. He can also display this through others such as speaking in the same tone of voice as you, slowing down his walk to be in sync with your pace, tilting the head, and so on. 


3. He points his feet at you. 


When you are standing with him or with other people in a group, and he points his feet in your direction, it is also one of the signs he likes you. When he does this, it reflects his intention to focus all his attention on you and not others.   

Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioral investigator, wrote in The Body Language of Attraction(2) for Huffington Post, that the direction of a person’s feet is a clear sign of attraction and genuine interest.  

So the next time you talk to a guy and his feet inexplicably points in your direction, then you know the reason why.   

Non-verbal signs of a guy who like you. 

signs if he likes you

If you want to know how to tell if a boy likes you, his body language is not the only way you can come to deduce it. Non-verbal signs that are common of a guy who likes you include: 


4. Small touches. 


When a guy is really interested in you, he just can’t help but touch you in a subtle way. It could be something innocuous as touching your hand and tapping your shoulders, or accidentally brushing your arm.  

Physical contact releases the hormone oxytocin, which relaxes the brain and relieves stress. It is a fundamental form of communication in the human world. A light touch also dissolves the physical distance the two of you while connecting you at the same time.  


5. He bites his lower lip. 


When you are with a guy and he bites his lower lip while talking to you or when he first sees you, there is definitely something going on inside his head. This non-verbal sign is one of the many signs he really likes you.  

When a person feels particularly nervous or excited, the mouth tends to undergo monetary dehydration as his heartbeat accelerates. Therefore when he is around you, he cannot help but bite his lips.  


6. His pupils dilate when he sees or talks to you. 


It is natural for the human eye to dilate when we see something we love. A guy may not be aware of the change, but if you notice that his pupils dilate when he looks at you, that is one way to know if a boy likes you.  

Along the same lines, if his eyebrows flash when he sees you, he literally just did a double-take at the sheer sight of you. Eyebrow flashes are a clear sign of curiosity and piqued interest, so watch out for these signs that happen around his and in his eyes.  


7. He is playful with you. 


Remember those days in kinder garden when the boy who likes you used to pull your hair? It is the same with grown men; it’s just that they do more than pull your ponytail. This form of slight teasing expresses his desire to know you.  

Nobody in their right minds would tease a stranger or someone they meet on the first day of work. But we only get playful and tease people we are comfortable with. When a guy teases you, he is letting you know he is harmless and that he loves to make you laugh and relax.  


8. He acts weird and nervous. 


Some guys just lose it when they are around the object of their interest. While some guys are blessed with good conversation skills and can be slick about their interest, others may not be so outspoken.  

He may also find it hard to maintain eye contact you. This is particularly true if the guy is a little shy and is not as open as his other counterparts. It is natural to want to look at your object of interest, but the fear of being caught prevents him from maintaining eye contact.   

When a guy who you were friendly with earlier suddenly starts acting all weird and nervous, there is a pretty good chance he is interested in you. Some will even ignore you and stay out of your way. 

How do you know if a guy likes you in this type of scenario? Try initiating a conversation and gauge his response. A guy who is genuinely interested in you will immediately light up and appreciate your move.  


9. He is ever ready to help you. 


Most guys are problem solvers by nature. But when they take a keen interest in someone, they will not hesitate to go the extra mile to get it fixed. You don’t have to go around proclaiming about your problems, but when he senses that something is wrong, he will jump at the chance to help you.  

It may be as small as picking up your pen when you drop it. But there is nothing like the charm and appeal of a damsel in distress. If history has taught us anything, helping a woman who is the subject of their interest does wonders for his ego and confidence.  


10. He remembers the small details.  


It is no secret that most guys forget birthdays and family events. However, if a guy went far as to remember a recent family event you had or your birthday, it is one of the signs he really likes you. 

Ask any married women if their partner remembers their birthdays, and chances are they will say no. When a guy remembers your birthday or your brother’s birthday, it is a big deal.  

Another trait displayed by guys who are interested in a girl is that they develop a keen eye for details. If you got some highlights in your hair or wore a new dress, and he notices it, then is a sure sign of interest. If you have been wondering how to tell if a boy likes you or not, try on something new and see his reaction.  


11. He randomly pops up in places you visit. 


Had you mentioned that you would go shopping during the weekend or engaging in some activity during the holidays? Does he also show up at the same location and acts surprised? Yeah, he is really interested in you.  

Men will not do things like going to the same place as you as a random thing. Only if they are genuinely interested in getting to know you and enjoying your company will they go to such extends.  


12. He removes barriers between you two. 


Having a physical barrier such as a table, newspapers, cups or wine glasses on the table between two people is typically a sign of not being comfortable around someone.   

So when a guy takes it upon himself to remove physical barriers while talking to you, he is interested in getting closer to you. He would unconsciously remove the glass to the side or remove a magazine out of the way.  

An interesting study(3) was conducted by Scheele and his colleagues. It found that reducing barriers during human encounters is a sure way to build rapport and develop relationships. It was published in The Journal of Neuroscience.  


13. He leans towards you. 


Whether you are sitting or standing, if he leans in towards you, it is one of the signs he likes you. The orientation of a body while communicating with someone is a clear indication of interest and desire.  

He will typically begin by leaning in with his shoulders, and then his whole torso will turn in your direction. This is a very clear sign that he wants to build rapport with you. Leaning in towards a subject of interest is a non-verbal sign that is common in men who are around the woman they fancy.  


14. He starts grooming. 


It is no secret that the males in the animal kingdom preen and spends hours grooming to attract a potential mate. It is no different for a human male. Although human males may not go so far as to preen like the birds, they do engage in a fair amount of grooming when they are around a girl they like.  

Do you notice that he run his hands through his hair and adjust his tie or another item of clothing when you are around? It is one of the signs a guy is interested in you.  

Of course, there is a big difference between a narcissistic guy who is obsessed with himself. But if an otherwise laidback guy suddenly displays the above-mentioned traits, he is definitely looking for a chance catch your attention. 


15. He exhibits alpha male traits. 


Every guy wants to assert that he is the leader of the pack. This is typically more apparent if he has an alpha male personality. Watch out for traits and behaviors such as:  

  • He unconsciously puffs up his chest and throws his shoulder back further more than usual. 
  • Manspreading. It is a typical alpha male behavior where he will try to take up a lot of space around him to exert his dominance. 
  • He changes his stance. He spreads his legs wider and stands taller when he is around you. 
  • When he assumes a sitting position, he spreads his arms and exudes a relaxed and comfortable position. 


16. He is eager to impress you. 


Everyone knows that girls are attracted to guys who are resourceful and pays attention to them. But it is not about flashing those expensive cars or his wallet. 

But one of the signs a guy is interested in you is when he tries to impress you. It may be as simple as doing something for you, walking you home, or helping you with your project or simply being present with you. Obviously, we don’t care much about the opinion of those we did care or know. 

When a guy pays attention to you while out in public or in a group of friends, you can be sure that he is eager to be on your good list and hoping to catch a break.  


17. He behaves differently when you are around. 


Is he a prankster around his friends but behaves calm and subdued around you? If a guy behaves differently with his friends but is on his best behavior around you, then he really likes you. He wants you to know that you are different than his friends but most importantly, that he wants to treat you differently.  

If you have been wondering how to know if a boy likes you, try comparing how he behaves around his buddies and how he is around you.  


18. He listens to you. 


Men are not known to be exceptionally good listeners. But if you suddenly found yourself pouring your heart out to a guy and he listens attentively to your venting, it is one of the sure signs he really likes you. 

It is even more apparent when he tries to come up with solutions to your problems or offers suggestions and tries to be helpful. When you find a guy is attentive to your needs and really pays attention to what you say, he really likes you. 


19. He likes you on social media. 


Can the role of social media be excluded in this age of digital romance? How do you know if a guy likes you or not? Observe how he is on social media. Does he follow on Instagram and Twitter and other social media account? Is he quick to comment on your posts accompanied by emojis? He really likes you. 

If a guy is truly interested in you, he will also share or tag you in posts he knows that you like. Sending you messages and replying to your texts almost immediately are also signs that he likes you.  


20. How does a guy verbally express he likes you? 


While some guys will drop hints about his intentions through body language and actions, some are more vocal.  


  • He keeps hinting that he is single. When a guy does this when you are around, he is hoping that you might let slip and mention the status of your relationship or the lack of it. 
  • He asks questions about mundane things in your life. Does a guy come around your desk and ask how your day is going? Or do you have someone who asks why you are upset? Establishing a conversation is a way for him to get closer to you, so when you notice this, you can easily tell that he likes you. 
  • He calls your name repeatedly. Not in a creepy way, of course. But when a guy likes a girl, he will subconsciously say her name more than once in a conversation. It is his way of letting you know that he remembers you and you are the centre of his attention. 
  • He is not hesitant to start a conversation. It is obvious that we avoid talking to people we are not comfortable with. And guys are generally not known for being talkative. However, when a guy goes out of his way to initiate a conversation and keeps it going, it is one of the signs he really likes you. 
  • He refers to call you instead of texting. When a guy calls instead of texting, he obviously enjoys hearing your voice and talking to you. There is only so much you can convey through a text. So if you have been wondering why that guy calls you for the silliest reason, now you know why. 
  • His voice deepens when he talks to you. When a man speaks to a woman he really likes, his voice lowers and takes on a deeper tone. He may not even be aware that he is doing it, but it happens. It is his body’s way of displaying that he feels comfortable around you.  
  • He is comfortable talking about his future plans. Guys are almost always hesitant to talk about the future except at a job interview. So when he talks about his plans for the future with you, he is potentially considering you as a suitable mate to share his future.  


When you encounter a guy like this, he is not considering you as just a momentary fling. He has serious intentions, and he is willing to go there with you. Alternatively, he could also be trying to impress you with his ambitious plans and get you on board.  


21. What is the science behind signs that someone likes you? 


It is the fact that every man is attracted to a certain type of woman. It could be her physical attributes as well as her personality traits that he finds irresistible. But behind this very natural human interaction, there is a scientific explanation. 

As a continuing number of researches find intriguing reasons why this attraction occurs, here are the factors that will help you how to tell if a guy likes you.  


22. The role of pheromones. 


This chemical is secreted from the body through sweat as well as other body fluids. Pheromones have compounds such as androstenone, androstenol as well as androstadienone. These compounds play a role in attraction and communication that occurs below the conscious level.  

According to Bettina Pause, a psychologist who studies pheromones, our communication is influenced by these chemosignals. They are also responsible for attracting males and relaying about the fertility of a woman. 

Men typically find women who are high in their cycles to be more attractive, smell sexy and her voice seductive. A recent study(4) concluded that man found a fertile woman’s voice more sexy and attractive. The pheromones are apparently very high during the fertility cycle of a woman.  

So when you find that a guy keeps handing around you and loves to be close to you, he is being attracted to your natural scent which he can’t resist. 


23. The neurotransmitters in the brains are most active.  


Neuroscientists have uncovered that the neurotransmitters released in the brain when a person is around a romantic interest are almost the same as the one released during a high from a drug.  

The brain releases dopamine, which is associated with euphoric feelings. On the other hand, serotonin, which regulates our mood, among other functions, reduces significantly. This causes a surge in the feelings of positivity and attraction towards a person.   

As a result of this chemical activity,(5) a guy who likes a girl cannot help himself but desire to be in her presence and gaze at her. After a couple of months of feeling elated in the presence of a romantic interest, the serotonin levels in the brain of a guy who is in love can be akin to that of a person suffering OCD. This means that he literally becomes obsessed with you.  

So the next time you sense a guy can’t get enough of you, the chemical activity as well as the neurotransmitters are going haywire and is just one the signs he likes you. Although he may not understand what is happening in his brain and his physiology, now you know why he is filled with a desire to spend every waking hour with you. 


24. What are the psychological signs he likes you? 

If a guy shows genuine interest in you, then, of course, the verbal and non-verbal signs are much easier to decipher. But how do you know if a guy likes you for sure? Are there any psychological signs that he might display?   

Yes. Psychological signs typically accompany other signs such as a body language when a guy is interested in you. If you have been dying how to know if a boy likes you, watch out for these psychological signs.  


25. He tries to develop a friendship with you.  


For ages, people have been harping that there can be no friendship between a man and a woman. Whether it is true or not is still up for debate. However, one of the first psychological signs a guy is interested in you is if he tries to initiate friendship between the two of you.  

By doing this, he gets to know you more and learns about you as a friend. Most women may not be comfortable starting a relationship with a man who is not a friend. But the chances of developing the friendship into something romantic are always easier and organic.  


A smart guy knows that the chances of friendship transforming into a romantic relationship are always higher. So if your new neighbor or the new guy at work or at school has been eager to be your friend, chances are, he is genuinely interested in you.  


26. He picks his words carefully while talking to you


Another psychological sign that allows you how to know if a boy likes you is his way of using words. Friends usually don’t filter their vocabulary around each other. They are buddies, and they don’t need to impress each other, so they say whatever comes to mind. 

Therefore, when a guy you know chooses his words carefully know that he is trying to impress you. He is also trying not to say the wrong things that may jeopardize his chances of being your partner.  

He is also careful not to hurt your feelings or worse, offend you. So if you want to know how to tell if a boy likes you, watch how he speaks and the vocabulary he uses when he is around you.  


27. He follows through; in other words, he keeps his word. 


When a guy keeps his word, then it is clear that he values you and does not want to disappoint or hurt you. It may be following up with a call when he said he said he would call or showing up at an event you really cared about. Irrespective of whether he likes the event or the activity, if he shows up like he said he would, then he really likes you. 

This is a psychological sign that reflects that he is dependable and that he is a man of his word. But most importantly, he enjoys being in your company and likes to show he cares. Follow through is an extra step, and he will only do it only if he values you. 


28. He does not rush things. 

Another psychological sign he likes you is when he is in no rush to develop a relationship. When a guy truly values a girl, he likes to get to know her slowly and steadily. 

He understands the implications of rushing into a romantic adventure (6) due to instant attraction. He does not want to know you for a season and then rush off to another. Although this trait is mostly seen in older men, it is not uncommon to see it in males of all ages.  

When he gets to know you and develops a good rapport, chances of nurturing a potential relationship for life is stronger. This is because you develop emotional intimacy as well as understand each other’s perception of commitment. The chances of figuring out your level of compatibility are also established.  


29. His friends leave you two alone. 


Guys are pretty hardcore when it comes to their male bonding, they have each other’s backs and even more so when it involves a girl. 

If you see his friends melting into the background whenever you show up, or they find excuses to do something and leave him with you, it is one of the signs he really likes you. When guys do this, it is their way of helping out their buddy in his attempt to scoring the girl of his dreams. 

Along the same lines, if his friends welcome you into their group, it is also a sign he is interested in you. Guys don’t let anyone just gain access to their tight circle of friends. So if you seem to gel with his friends, they are just trying to help you guys get together.  


Final thoughts. 


The century debate of learning how to tell if a boy likes you has been plaguing the minds of many a woman. It has given many members of the fairer sex sleepless nights. However, when we really look into it, it all comes down to deciphering his body language as well as his behavior and how he speaks around you.  

After reading through this comprehensive post, you would have become an expert at understanding all the signs a guy is interested in you. 

The rest is all up to the chemical and physiological activities and trust us, they are all in your favor!  

hope this solved your problem on how to tell if a boy likes you.